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Keratometer K300B

Keratometer K300B
Keratometer K300B
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1. JAVAL target guarantee the measurement.
2. The product is applied in measuring diopter on the surface of cornea and the axis and diopter of cornea astigmatism
3. it can measure the diopter of implanting lens assisted by A ultrasonic.
4. Stepless adjustable of targets intensity can get easily the proper intensity
5. Outstanding optical design the high resolution.

Step Number: 2
Eyepiece Magnification: 15x
Total Maginification: 18x
Illumination: 2x 6v/12w Halogen Bulb
Radius of Curvature: 5.5-11mm
Diopter: 30-60 diopter
Reading Increment(radius): 0.02mm
Diopter Tolerance: 0.25 diopter
Compensation Refactive Index N: r=5.5mm, φ1.65mm; r=7.5, φ2.30mm
For Measurement: r=11φ4.00mm
Angle Measuring Disc: 0 ~ 180 degree

Adjust Step 2
Total Magnifications 18x
Curvature Radius Ranges 5.5-11mm
Diopter Range 30-60 diopters
Radius Increments 0.02mm
Diopter Increments 0.25 Diopters
Illumination Bulb 2x 6v/12w Halogen Bulb
Angle Measure Disc 0-180 degree

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