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Ophthalmic Unit OU3002

Ophthalmic Unit OU3002
Ophthalmic Unit OU3002
Ophthalmic Unit OU3002
Ophthalmic Unit OU3002
Ophthalmic Unit OU3002
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Luxurious swing arm with electricity can swing to left and right so as to break the limit for height.
Right-angle rack of swing arm could be rotated 360 degree.
Worktable provides with 90 degrees’ rotation, equipped with big drawer for storing all kinds of lens boxes, and removable plate for refractometer.
The comfortable chair can smoothly lift up and down with low noise and able to bear big force.

Left/Right angle of swing arm: ±30o
Angle of rotation for swing arm right-angle rack: 360o
Angle of rotation for Table: 90o
Slide-board Slippage Range: 500mm
Lifting height for chair: 150~200mm
Loading for chair: 70~150kgs

Electrical Parameters
Input voltage: 110V/220V AC 50Hz~60Hz
Engine power: 55W 24V DC
Light luminaire: 18W 250V
Fuse: 5A 250V AC
Power without load: 1W
Pressure test: 2KV
Main wire: 10A 250V
Working mode: S1
Working temperature: -30o~+50o
Relative humidity: less than 90%
Force of pressing key: 1~5N
Cooling mode: Nature cooling

Installation Dimension
Figure size: 1060mm×1000mm×950mm

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