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Manual Phoropter VT-100

Manual Phoropter VT-100
Manual Phoropter VT-100
Manual Phoropter VT-100
Manual Phoropter VT-100
Manual Phoropter VT-100
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  • Model: VT-100
  • Weight: 7.00kg
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1. Unique design "Blue Trim".
2. Capable of checking up all-sided visual functions, accurate and comfortable in measurement.
3. Perfect surface coating, high grade plated optical lens, both FDA approved lens and phoropter.
4. All accessories included, near vision rod, near vision chart, dust-cleaner, addon lens.
 Sphere Power
Range: -19.00D~+16.75D, Increments: 0.25D
Addon Auxiliary lens+0.12D, Increments: 0.12D
Cylinder Power:
Range: 0~-6D
Addon Auxiliary cylinder lens -2.00D to-8.00D, Increments: 0.25D 
Addon Auxiliary cylinder lens +0.12D, Increments: 0.12D

Cylinder axis: Range: 0~180°, Increments: 5°
Pupil Distance: 45~75mm, Increments: 1mm
Cross Cylinder: ±0.25D
Rotary prism: Range:0~20△, Step:1△
PD Adjustment: 50~75mm, Step:1mm
Convergence Adjustment: ∞, 380mm(When PD 64mm)
Forehead Reat Adjustment: 16mm
Vertex Distance: 13.75mm, From corneal point to standard lens surface
Auxiliary Lens: Cyl 0.00 x 2, Cyl -0.12 x 2, Cyl -2.00 x 2
Dimension: 335d × 320w × 98h mm
Weight: Approx 6.5kg

Manual Phoropter
Sphere Range -19.00D ~ +16.75D
Cylinder Range 0.00D ~ -6.00D
Cyl Axis 30 degree
Rotary Cross Cylinder ±0.50D/±0.25D
Polaroid right eye:135°-left eye:45°
Prism Range 0~20△, Step:1△
Pupil Distance 48~80mm
Plus Cyl Customize Yes
Certificate CE
Retinoscope +1.5
Cyl Axis Angle Mark 15 Degree
Maddox Red Right Eye, Trans Left Eye
Nearpoint Rod 1 Section

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