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LCD Vision Charts

LCD Vision Charts using monitor displaying different types of vision charts, including Snellen chart, Landolt C, and the Lea test etc

Model: H1800
Specifications: LCD: 17 inch XGA Panel Brightness: 250 cd/m2 Chart visions: E, C, ABC, 123, child, special version charts Distance: 2.0 ~ 7.0m Power supply: Input: AC110~220V AC±10%,50/60Hz Power consumption: <=45w Operational environment Temperature..
Ex Tax:$426.00
Model: C901
Featured: High Resolution 17 inch LCD Popular Charts Vector optotypes and charts Contrast Sensitivity Testing & Contrast Charts Testing Video & Audio Playing Based on Stable Linux Plateform Excellent CPU intergrated enable to adopt further functions Specifications: * LCD..
Ex Tax:$1,920.00
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