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Automatic Lens Edger ALE500

Automatic Lens Edger ALE500
Automatic Lens Edger ALE500
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  • Model: ALE500
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Automatic Edger is a multi-functional fully automatic micro-processor controlled lens edger. The is able to process

both glass and plastic lenses for rough edging, free curved beveling, controlled curve beveling and flat finishing.

It is designed for highly efficient edging operation, easy to operate and gives precision control on lens size and


Dimension of Grind wheel
Electroplated: ?120x18mm(W)
Metal bonded: ?120x18(W)x2mm(T)
Bevel/Flat: ?120x19(W)x2mm(T)

Rotational frequency
RPM: 3150

Latitude processing
From 28mm to 100mm

Weight (body only, no wheel included): 44.5kgs

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