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66 Vision

Brand: 66 Vision Model: mt266a8gs
1. Article Number: MT266A8GS 2. Rim Material: Electroplated Metal Rim(Golden and Silver Color) 3. Aperture: 36mm (Full Aperture) 4. Lens Included: 266pcs 5. Carrying case option: Leather case or Aluminium case 6. Trial frame included: No   CONCAVE(-) CON..
Ex Tax:$230.00
Brand: 66 Vision Model: MT266-A1
1. Article Number: MT266A1 2. Rim Material: Shiny Metal 3. Aperture: 36mm ( Full Aperture) 4. Lens Included: 267pcs 5. Carrying case option: Aluminium case or Leatherette Case 6. Trial frame included: No   CONCAVE(-) CONVEX(+) CON..
Ex Tax:$185.00
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