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Ophthalmic Diagnoses

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. An ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems. Since ophthalmologists perform operations on eyes, they are considered to be both surgical and medical specialists.



Model: FD501G
Featured: wide and long depth of vision field, high resolution ,low magnification. Function:PD adjusted dually by 2 knobs, focal distance adjustable manually Application: Dental, ENT, Surgical room, Ophthalmic Specification: Magnification: 2.5/3.5 ..
Ex Tax:$110.00
Model: SPS21
Specifications 1. Cataract Surgery Set 2. Smooth squeeze action 3. Round Handles 4. 21pcs 5. Polish Finish..
Ex Tax:$180.00
Model: 2000B
Main Machine Only Specification: A-SCAN Probe:10MHz,red internal fixation LED Accuracy:0.05mm Review:A-scan measurements and statistics IOLtable calculation:SRK-II,SRK/T,Hoffer-Q,Holladay,SCDK,Haigis Measure:ACD,Lens,Vitreous,Axial length,and its Average Information storage..
Ex Tax:$4,500.00
Model: ODM-1000A
Featured: Accurate Measurement with both Immersion & Contact Modes Extremely Easy to Use Portable & Sleek Design Auto/Manual Modes Auto Gain Control Built-in Thermal Printer Clinical Accuracy: ±0.1mm Data with Graph Printout Specifications: Probe: 10MHz with Fixatio..
Ex Tax:$2,500.00
Model: ODM-2100
ODM-2100 Ultrasonic A/B Scanner for Ophthalmology Everyone's price performance competitive friend. ODM-2100 presents comprehensive function, durable design, sharp and clear image to fulfill doctor's daily operation. Features Imaging Mode: B, B+A, B+B, A High Resolution Images Me..
Ex Tax:$9,999.00
Model: ODM-2100S
ODM-2100S Ultrasonic A/B Scanner for Opthalmology Your Economical Choice, no compromise in function and image, compact design for daily operation. Featured, Imaging Mode: B, B+A, B+B, A High Resolution Images Memory: up to 4 Images Zoom: 8 Steps Image Post Processing Distance M..
Ex Tax:$8,000.00
Model: ODM-2200
Featured: Pseudo-color Mode High Resolution Images Imaging Mode: B, B+A, B+B, A Memory: up to 8 Images Zoom: from 34 ~ 60mm, 6 steps adjustable Variable Displaying Area 5 Segments Adjustable TGC Cineloop for 5.6sec Accurate Axial Measurement under B-mode (SMI-5) Manual Correction..
Ex Tax:$15,000.00
Model: OPH50B
Featured: Adopt ARM9 Embedded Control Systems, FPGA signal processing system and elaborate selected ultrasonic hardware system。. 10.4 inch high resolution LCD screen. Menu operation Language: Chinese/English. Double probe sockets. A mode probe: 10MHz, imported probe with fixation light. ..
Ex Tax:$5,000.00
Model: OPH80B
Featured: Adopt ARM9 Embedded Control Systems, FPGA signal processing system and elaborate selected ultrasonic hardware system, make the machine more reliable. Menu operation, Language: Chinese/English. Double probe sockets: A mode probe: 10MHz, imported probe with fixation light; B mode pr..
Ex Tax:$5,200.00
Model: SW-2100
A/B Scan SW-2100: with normal, vitreous body enhancement, retina observation mode, mainly used for diagnosis of intraocular diseases, display the location, shape range of the focus of infection and the relationship with the surrounding tissue. Can be diagnosed vitreous opacity, retinal detachment, e..
Ex Tax:$6,300.00
Model: OPH10A
A Biometer: Probe Frequency: 10 Mhz Resolution: 0.01mm Accuracy: ±0.02mm Gain adjustable: 0-120dB Measurement range: 15~35 mm (vel 1640m/s) Measurements: ACD, Lens, Vitreous, and AXL Examination modes: Normal, Aphakic, pseudophakic and dense cataract Measurement mode: immersion and c..
Ex Tax:$1,600.00
Model: SW1000
A Scan SW-1000: with macular recognition function, can accurately measure axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, as well as intra-ocular lens calculation. Pachymeter SW-1000P: with the central area and the peripheral areas gain automatic compensation capability, accurate measurement..
Ex Tax:$2,000.00
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