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Turning & Drilling

Lens processing Machinery

Model: opml410pm
Feathered: Lens Reading Type by same axis rotation 3 kinds of lens suckers equiped to ensure the different lens edgers at different shape Quick Speed of cutting and high accuracy Italy made mill blade Specifications: Dimensions(LXWXH)  Weight   Power Requirement 340x2..
Ex Tax:$85.00
Model: 20pdm
Features: One stop drilling hole to lens, no need to open a mold...
Ex Tax:$40.00
Rimless Lens Drilling Machine 105B ( Multi Function ) Rimless Lens Drilling Machine 105B ( Multi Function )
Made in Japan
Model: 105B
Multi Function Lens Drilling Machine 105B Features: 1. It is applied to process all kinds of notch, boring and milling notch of rimless glasses, with accurate processing precision and standard setting, and it is a first choice for processing of high-grade glasses. 2. It is suitable to any t..
Ex Tax:$200.00
Model: 16ale
Feathered: Tri-Wheel Specifications: High speed rotating wheel 3 wheels operating together rough,fine ,groove grinding with a special lamp,convenient operating Diamond grinding wheel adopted  ..
Ex Tax:$100.00
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