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Model: CP1000
  Features: Chart 30 different pattern Speed of chart conversion One chart per 0.03s Mask 1 open, 5 horizontal lines,8 vertical lines, 21 single letters, 1 red/green speed of mask conversion One mask per 0.03s Program 2 sets programs, each program contains up to 30 steps Auto-of..
Ex Tax:$499.00
Model: CP1500
CP1500 Auto Chart Projector is a precision optical instrument for accurate refraction. It provides 30 different charts and 35 masks, with programmable remote control. Duochrome test charts to check single and binocular vision, and polarized test charts to check binocular vision and ocular muscle imb..
Ex Tax:$598.00
Model: CP3000
Features: Chart: 39 selections Extent 30times (at 5m) Size of Image 336wx225h mm (at 5m) Projection distance: 3.0~6.0m(5m is standard) Tilt angle Ball joint(10 degree) light-filtering: Red & green filter Raster no raster; single-line; uniseriate; Single-word Speed of Image Changi..
Ex Tax:$495.00
Model: CP400
Features: · 50 charts and various masks · Landolt,Letter,Child,Snellen,50 kinds of charts ,and horlzontal line,vertical line,one chart,various masks can be selected by the remote control box · Fast,silent chart disk rotation.It moves to the following chart in a maximum of 0.3 seconds. · Use..
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Model: CP69
Feathers: 1.    Our auto chart projector meets the international standards with CE and 12 month warranty. 2.    They have E charts, C charts, ABC charts, Number charts, and charts for children and many so on. 3.    Both LED lamp auto chart pro..
Ex Tax:$510.00
Model: CP-3CR
Featured: Suitable for plastic and glass lenses. Adjustable groove position (front-central-rear)      No water system required. Accurate on all profiles. Adjustable groove depth: from 0 to 0.7mm Groove width:0.65mm Specification: Lens thickness:from 1.5 to 11mm ..
Ex Tax:$56.00
Model: CP-8
Features: 1. Exquisite exterior, Advanced mechanical capacity 2. Suitable for CR-39, Acrylic, Plexiglass & Optical lenses 3. Two pieces of IC plates attached, Automatic timing possible 4. Powerful motor, little noise   Specifications: 5. Power Supply: AC100~120(V)/200~240(V), ..
Ex Tax:$95.00
Model: COS-L800
Features Green LED light source, ABBE compensation no required Hartman testing method, CPU high-speed precise computing Automatic identifying the lens type, Automatic measurement, Automatic reading and memorying the data 5.7 inch high resolving power LED screen Broad ..
Ex Tax:$668.00
Model: D-903
FEATURES ● Colorful Touch Screen, Aluminium Carrying Case ● With Printer And Pd, Built-in Uv Part ● Automatic Recognition of Single And Progressive Lens   SPECIFICATIONS Mode ● Cylinder: +1, +/-,- ● Prism: X-Y, P-B ● Contact Lens: Soft/hard ● Measuring Mode..
Ex Tax:$599.00
Model: D-910
FEATURES • Colorful Touch Screen, Aluminium Carrying Case • With Printer And Pd, Built-in UV Part, Updated Version of JD-2600A • Automatic Recognition of Single And Progressive Lens • The display unit utilizes a full-graphic LCD, displaying measured values of right-eye and left-eye lens..
Ex Tax:$715.00
Model: FL-8600
Introduction:1. measurement by composite ISO standards of green LED light source, the wavelength is 545 mm, measuring any lenses do not need to consider ABBE number set, make more rapid, stable and accurate measurement.2. Multi-language Manual and UI.3. can automatically identify the type of lens, a..
Ex Tax:$670.00
Model: JD-2000
JD-2000 Auto Lensometers are utilized with a 7 inch Touch screen Color LCD Monitor, which is adjustable from 20° to 90° for a clear view of the easy to use graphical Interface with recognizable icons, JD-2000 and JD-2000B Auto Lensmeter generating fast and highly accurate measurements of Single Visi..
Ex Tax:$599.00
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