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Model: HL8000C
Featured: Light Source: Our LED lamp without the heat of traditional Halogen headlight. With a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin, this light supplies bright, white, shadow-free light allowing the doctor to see tissue characteristics without distortion. Enjoy the flexibility of operating the he..
Ex Tax:$410.00
Model: KD202A-6
Featured: 1.High Power of 5W LED lighting, high brightness, high-definition and frequency. 2.Function: physical cooling,super power supply, can be used with loupes,DC power supply. 3.Variable function:appearance color variable 4.Application:Operating room,Dental,ENT. Specification: ..
Ex Tax:$400.00
Model: c07A
6 pcs Screw Drivers and 8 pcs Pliers Kit C07A..
Ex Tax:$168.00
Model: TF6062S
Pupil Distance Adjustable: Fixed PD, Fix PD mentioned on the frame body PD scale -- 60mm and 62mm 2 Pair Material: ABS Rotation of  optical axis adjust: 360 degree TABO Lens Holder Outer Diameter: 38mm Lens Seats: 4 lens each eye ..
Ex Tax:$8.00
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