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In the most common sense, a Pupilometer is a tool for measuring pupillary distance (PD). It is used for fitting eyeglasses so that the lenses are centered in the visual axis. This is the most common nomenclature.[1] It may also be used to verify a PD measurement taken from a millimeter ruler placed across the bridge of a patient's nose for distance and near focus

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Model: BRT-3
Featured Features: New added Function: LD measurement (distance form cornea to lenses) and PH measurement Pull and push type and  Power Save Most accurate all-digital records monocular/Binocular PD measurements Wide LCD window displays Life time LED bulb, replacement is almost not re..
Ex Tax:$99.00
Model: CP32BT
Featured: 1. 1 AA Batteries Drive 2. Slider PD meter 3. Cornea reflction light coidence method Specifications: Method of measurement: Rang of measurement:44 to 83mm (both eyes),                  ..
Ex Tax:$55.00
Model: 7EL
Featured: 1. Clear Vertical line and precise measurement. 2. Pupil Distance Shows on LCD in mm 3. Enable to measure left or right eye PDs. 4. Easy operation, quick response. 5. Auto shutdown Specification:PD range: 48mm - 80mm..
Ex Tax:$25.00
Model: HPD-9C
Specification 1. Operates by aligning luminous points on the pupils with the measuring line. 2. Results are displayed digitally. 3. Measurements are given: Right, Right + Left, Left. 4. Results are accurate to within 0.25mm. 5. Automatically switches OFF one minute after operation is compl..
Ex Tax:$99.00
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