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05 Sep The Usage Of MEM Card During Retinoscopy
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The Usage Of MEM Card During Retinoscopy ..
05 Sep Portable Slit Lamp S150-II
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Why Portable Slit Lamp Is A Valuable PurchaseAn estimated 12 million people over 40 years have some level of vision impairment in the United States, which is shown in the CDC. Among these, an estimated one million are completely blind. About 4.2 mill..
05 Sep Shanghai MediWorks
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MediWorks was established in 2004. The headquarter of R&D, Manufacturing, Business Development and Operation Center is based in Shanghai, with branches located in Europe and America. MediWorks is committed to provide ophthalmologists and optometrists..
05 Sep A Tour to Ming Sing Optical R&D (I-optik)
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Ningbo Ming Sing Optical R&D Co.,Ltd was restructured from the scientific institution (Ningbo Second Light Industrial Research & Designing Institute) which was founded in 1976, and specialized in ophthalmic & Optical instruments industry after establ..
05 Sep Super Vision Introduction
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sion is a new generation Optic instruments manufacturer founded in 2019, famous for its ARK-1A full traceable auto Refractor, The R&D team including 3 phD Optic design, IT engineer more than 5 person, all procedure following up ISO013485 standard. Th..
05 Jul A Tour to Phoropter Factory
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The Factory is ISO Certificated1. About 1st Room, Spare Parts Shelf Are Clearly Stored With Label On Container2. High Lighted - The MFG Moves All Die Casting and Precious Parts By A Special Vacumm Packing Which Can Protect Part Surface From Scratch I..
05 Jul K9(Float Glasses) VS Normal Glasses
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Most of our trial lens sets are using the K9 glasses(left side) instead of normal window glasses(right side), which is higher light transmission and reflect index. K9 glass, sometimes referred to as K9 crystal, is a variety of optical borosilicate cr..
06 Jun How  To Make Trial Lenses
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1. Sphere Lens are Firstly Grinding by using A special Made Grinding Mold2. Group Grinding - Paste Lenses Into Special Lenses Holder Before Grinding and Then Grinding3. Ultrasonic Cleaning4. Edge the Lens to Make Lens Edge can Fit Plastic or Metal Ri..
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