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We Established Poland Warehouse Since 2019 On The Purpose Of Fast Delivery And Saving Transportation Fee For Our Valued EU Customers. We are Planning To Explore 50% Coverage Of Our SKU By The End Of 2022!
With The VAT Policy In EU Changes, Our VAT Warehouse Adopted VAT Code For Declaring VAT On Behalf Of Buyer, All Inventory In Poland Are Shipping Through Train, Rechargeable Batteries / Batteries, DPD, UPS, GSL Delivery As Quick And Easy As You Buy From Local Market.
The Retail Price Ship-From-Poland Including: Import Duty + Train Transportation + Possible VAT(22.5%) if Customer Want To Declare VAT On Your Own, Contact Us Before Bid.

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Model: A22
LEA Symbol and Broken C Ring Distance 40cmm Front and Back      ..
Ex Tax:$2.00
Model: A24
Mini LEA Symbol and Letter Distance 40cmm Front and Back      ..
Ex Tax:$2.00
Model: PB31
FEATURES ● Power marks printed on Edge ● Aluminium Carrying Case ● Vertical and horizontal Test ● CE certificated   SPECIFICATIONS ● Horizontal Delta:  1,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,25,30,40 & 45 (16 deltas) ● Vertical Delta: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,25 &a..
Ex Tax:$91.00
Model: YZ24B
Features: The well positioned filament can be rotated 360° and move upward and downward. Brightness of the streak can be adjusted. Quickly and precisely measure the astigmatism axis. The light can be converged, radiated and paralleled. Quick and convenient recharging, against over recharging..
Ex Tax:$106.00
Model: 8R40PL
SPECIFICATIONS ● Sphere: 40 lenses altogether (5 in each bar), 4 bars for each of concave (-) and convex (+) ● 0.50, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50, 6.00, 6.50, 7.00, 7.50, 8.00, 8.50, 9.00, 9.50, 10.00 ● Excellent for gaining quick retinoscopy results (particu..
Ex Tax:$45.00
Model: CP32A
Featured: 1. 2 AA Batteries Drive 2. Slider PD meter 3. Cornea reflction light coidence method Specifications: Method of measurement: Rang of measurement:44 to 83mm (both eyes),                  ..
Ex Tax:$65.00
Model: HPD-9C
Specification 1. Operates by aligning luminous points on the pupils with the measuring line. 2. Results are displayed digitally. 3. Measurements are given: Right, Right + Left, Left. 4. Results are accurate to within 0.25mm. 5. Automatically switches OFF one minute after operation is compl..
Ex Tax:$99.00
Featured Universal Slit Lamp Oculars attachment, suitable for the slit lamp ocular eyepiece diameter from 29-45mm..
Ex Tax:$9.50
Model: CL-10
Features Use ordinary tap water, alcohol, solvent cleaning; High power transducer cleaning effect significantly, usable macroscopic observation; After cleaning objects shine light; Mechanical timing control boot time and heating; The stainless steel and the lid, bladd..
Ex Tax:$66.00
Model: cmt266a4
1. Article Number: CMT266A4 2. Rim Material: Colored Metal Rim Red/Black 3. Aperture: 36mm (Full Aperture) 4. Lens Included: 267pcs 5. Carrying case option: Aluminium case or Leatherette Case 6. Trial frame included: No   CONCAVE(-) CONVEX(..
Ex Tax:$240.00
Brand: 66 Vision Model: mt266a8gs
1. Article Number: MT266A8GS 2. Rim Material: Electroplated Metal Rim(Golden and Silver Color) 3. Aperture: 36mm (Full Aperture) 4. Lens Included: 266pcs 5. Carrying case option: Leather case or Aluminium case 6. Trial frame included: No   CONCAVE(-) CON..
Ex Tax:$230.00
Model: mt68a1
1. Article Number: MT68 +/- cyl 2. Rim Material: Shiny Metal Rim 3. Aperture: 36.5mm (Full Aperture) 4. Lens Included: 68pcs 5. Carrying case option: Leather or Aluminium case 6. Trial frame included: No   CONCAVE(-) SPHERE CONVEX(+) S..
Ex Tax:$60.00
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